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Get a perfect credit score for free (800 score)

King Matt

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I've spent hours researching credit, getting your score higher, removing fractures from your credit, and what it is from head to toe. A friend and a community member invited me to join him with a credit repair business. As we dug into it, it became clear how much our past research was validated simply because it worked. We have seen it in live action, and information is easily accessible. There was no reason we all couldn't get our credit score raised to help leverage our credit and our funds for expedited financial freedom.


I could make a whole video or write a long detailed thread about how to do this. But I was curious if somebody already has free content about your credit score. My personal friends know how much I suggest Graham Stephan as somebody to watch on YouTube because of how knowledgeable he is in various fields that are helping him reach financial independence. Sure enough, he has a video highlighting every step to fix and build. Or establish your credit score and help develop it to that perfect 800+. I'll recap it under the video with a TL;DR if you want the highlights to confirm your research.

TL;DR - Coming soon​