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Benefits of upgrading

As a Newbie, you get access to all of our forums; every section is 100% free to give freedom to all of the knowledge and commerce taking place on our site. Our main goal is to make money and help others find their way on the financial freedom path. I want to think of our forums as an archive of our hive mind at the action. With everyone having access to not only contribute but learn from each other and have the information solidified for us to refer back to or learn from is a fantastic feat. That sums up the basis of forums such as Reddit, Quora, Warrior Forum, Start-up nation, LinkedIn, and even The Kings Vault. In addition to our forums, we have our open communication discord. Some of our channels/activities will be restricted for the exclusivity of our supporting community. Our supportive community is anybody who purchases upgrade ranks through our forums. We hope to demonstrate some features you get for supporting our journey! We're hoping to change the world through the power of community. Our upgraded ranking system tiers are Newbie, Prosperity, Nobility, Aristocracy, Royalty, and Contributor.

  • You'll be able to apply for a verification badge; a verification badge is given to members of the community who contribute or participate in the community often; if they're a high-quality member, we approve the check next to your name to help boost your notoriety within the community.
  • You'll have access to our user reputation score; the score lets the community know if a member is a high-quality or a low-quality member. IE they may have scammed in the marketplace section, which would warrant negative reputation scores from the community. Alternatively, suppose they do something good for the community, like helpful release guides on stocks, crypto, side hustles, or even free signatures for members. In that case, they could earn a positive reputation from the community. The max rep score you can give is +/- 1.
  • You'll have access to post threads in the upgraded seller section of the Marketplace.
  • You'll be able to run an official group on the forums. For more info, click here (Group Information)
  • You'll be able to buy sticky threads or promoted sales threads in our Marketplace section of the forums.
  • You'll be able to upload animated Profile pictures or gifs to our forums. Examples;
  • Ability to change your username upon approval.
  • Ability to have a fully customizable signature.
  • Everything in the prosperity package carries over!
  • You get full access to all the channels in our community discord.
  • The max rep score you're able to give is increased to +/- 3
  • Everything from the nobility package carries over!
  • This package is excellent for users looking to take advantage of services or products The Kings Vault may offer. With the Aristocracy upgrade, you get exclusive discounts on our freelancer services and most of the products we may provide to the community.
  • Free entries to any paid events include any public speaking, expert classes, in-person events, etc.
  • First in line access to all group buys. A group belief is when we negotiate to buy a typically limited software or enter a set rate for a set amount of purchases. We'll gather the community's take on what we should try to get as a group and get a poll on who will purchase; the Aristocracy/Royalty rank will get first dibs. So if 200 slots and 40 aristocracy/Royalty members sign up, only 160 places will remain for the rest of the community.
  • This tier is where we'll be focusing on stacking the most value. This tier ultimately helps our forums run, helps keep our staff paid, helps us afford speakers or experts to take time out of their day to be a part of our community, and allows us to run community-driven events or donations to those in need. If you're supporting us at any tier, we appreciate you.
  • The max rep score you're able to give is increased to +/- 5
  • Everything from the aristocracy package carries over!
  • Exclusive beta access to all future The Kings Vault Branches. We want to help as many people as possible in many different ways. Any capital venture or non-profit launched by The Kings Vault will be from the "Royalty" communities voice.
*Important Note this tier will only have a 100 slot maximum; around 40 of these slots were gifted to our original users as a thank you who helped create The Kings Vault into what it is today. Once the remaining 60 slots fill, this tier will be closed for purchase for the foreseeable future.

  • Minimum $50/No Maximum Custom Donation. You can donate whatever you would like towards our movement and journey!
  • You'll receive a custom Contributor user bar which will look like - COMING SOON
  • You'll get exclusive access to contributor-voted events, contests, giveaways, resources, highlights, and much more as a thank you.
  • Contributor benefits last three months before expire; you can set up a reoccurring contribution to maintain the upgrade if you'd like! Any activity or event announced during the timeframe you were a contributor will still be able to participate even if your status has expired as long as you've RSVP'd on the calendar event.
  • The forum benefits are very similar to Aristocracy, contributors, however, cannot list an item on the resource marketplace, and their max user rep is +/- 4
The money gathered from the contributor package will go directly into a pool set up to help strangers who may need a pick-me-up, helping award the staff team working to build the Royal Families community while keeping it a safe place for us to learn work out of and much more.​
The split will remain relatively similar as shown on a quarterly basis; We may adjust percentages depending on division needs.​
  • 20/100% towards Volunteer staff in the form of gifts, events, prizes, and payment as a thank you from the community.
  • 10/100% towards strangers as a pick me up, whether somebody random on the street, a struggling business owner who needs a little help or a community family member.
  • 10/100% towards group-voted activities or events.
  • 10/100% towards The Kings Vault Funds, where we hope to award members within our community for their greatness and acts of kindness.
  • 25/100% will remain in the pool and will be allocated to wherever the community may vote each month.
  • 25/100% will remain in a pool operated by appointed The Kings Vault staff or sit-ins for a "Contributor" Board (Made up of Intervals of 3-5-7-9 members at any given time) who will determine where the funds will be allocated.
  • 100/100% of the funds are recycled into the community in some form or fashion!
The idea behind the Contributor rank is to form a community-driven group that can get involved in making a change in this world.​
The Kings Vault intends to contribute up to 25% monthly of their profit earnings to a fund set up for charitable donations or events or a contribution to the "Contributor Fund" in the future. By Purchasing any the Prosperity or Nobility rank on the forums, we want to thank you with added benefits, whether it be cosmetics such as animated profile pictures or a signature on the media, the ability to stand out from your competition in the marketplace section, or owning your group to build your mini-community or form a group of high skillsets members within our Royal Community if you're an Aristocracy or Royalty member, we want to afford those same benefits to you but with the additional benefits of saving you money or making your money just by being a big supporter of our movement.
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