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Become a Helper

Joining our Team
No large community could function without the help of dedicated staff to keep things running. Whether it is answering questions, helping with events, or moderating the chats, the team of TKV is here to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

What are the requirements to become staff?
We have a few specific requirements to list for you. However, it stands to reason that a staff member should be well respected, understand the current rules, mature, and be professional. Account activity may also play a role. The quality of your membership will be based on your posts' quality. Higher-quality members have a better chance of being selected.
1. Level 5 minimum on The Kings Vault discord server
2. Your Forum and Discord accounts must be linked
3. Minimum 30 days on the Forum
4. Activity and quality of posts will be considered for Community Helper applications

How are staff chosen?
On occasion, we will host staff recruitment events that will be announced in The King’s Vault discord. When one of these events occurs, we will announce the time period for applications to be submitted as well as an application link to be filled out. Below you will find the requirements for becoming staff members of TKV.

Can I moderate a specific section?
We encourage a specific section approach to moderate. As you may still have helper capabilities throughout most of the forums letting us know particular sections you want to be responsible for helps influence a cleaner environment as you'll only be engaged in areas that interest you. We may still assign other general sections to you based on the need.

Should I send TKV Staff Team a PM about being on staff?
No, After a recruitment event occurs the application window will close and applications will be discussed among the existing staff and Admin teams. Once a decision is made on who to promote to staff a member of the Admin Team will reach out to the individual and finish the recruiting process. When the Admin Team decides to promote new Moderators they will be chosen from the current Community Helpers on the servers.

Are Helpers paid?
Be advised that all new staff members will start at the Community Helper rank. Helpers are not paid on The Kings Vault, each Helper is a volunteer. Our "Contributor" Program will introduce incentives for the helpers as a thank-you derived from our community fund.